when in greece...


images: sandelles on etsy

I just returned from the most wonderful adventure in Spetses, Greece with Ginny Au. I've had an incurable case of wanderlust so I'm thrilled to have seen new landscapes and architecture(oh the colors and textures), tasted new cuisines(some better than others), and experienced new culture(travel by mopeds + four wheelers). Of course I embraced the Greek style of breezy caftans and tunics... too hot for anything else. I also stocked up on Greek sandals. I couldn't get enough of the simple and minimal styles and wished I could have brought back some for all my friends. Thankfully I found some sources on etsy that deliver the authentic island style for about the same price. 

If you're jonesing for some of these beauties, I would go here, here and here

Bonus- They totally benefit from some wear and tear. The more weathered the better. 


kind is the new cool | a public service announcement

source unknown (if you know the credit, please let me now)

source: Anthony Burrill

I've said it before, and I'll say it again that I'm so grateful for the teams I've been on and the talented people I've had the opportunity to work with on shoots... from the photographers and art directors who lap me in years of experience to the different makeup artists, designers, stylists who are so meticulous and attentive to their craft. I've also equally learned as much from people who are currently assistants but are on such a spectacular path that I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that will unfold in their future.

When people ask me what is the most important tip as a stylist, I think people are surprised when I say just work hard and be nice to people. Be genuinely kind to the team around you. Treat the head photographer and the interns with the same level of respect. Continue to seek out ways to improve your trade and never be too proud to schlep with the best of 'em. Get your hands dirty and don't be afraid to ask your crewmates how you can improve.

The world is a very small town and being ruthlessly competitive is not an attractive quality.  In Atlanta I've been blown away by the kindness of the respected stylists and tastemakers I've met- Darcie Adler, Thea Beasley, Alisa Barry, and Jill Brinson who have paved the way for new and up-and-coming stylists. They go above and beyond to make us newbies feel welcome. Women supporting women in this business is a very beautiful, empowering thing. 

Kind is the new cool. 

Or as my friend Jess Graves says, "Kind is the original cool."




inspired by: citron

Had an opportunity to play with some pretty yellow florals for a lookbook shoot. A little sunniness during a wintery week.


This is a photo of a parcel I received from India. I was so completely gobsmacked over the packaging that it was hard for me to even open it. Beautiful, aged muslin stitched at the seams and sealed with wax... extraordinary craftsmanship for an overseas package. Apparently this kind of wrapping is not altogether uncommon in certain parts of India. This little joy was exactly what my soul needed today. Just a simple reminder of everything good and lovely, of things meticulously crafted by hands that care. These shorter days when work is slow and I have little-to-no human interaction sometimes starts to wear on me... I thrive when I'm working on projects and collaborating with people who I'm invested in. I'm eager to dive back into a thrumming schedule and to be surrounded by talented, passionate individuals. I've consumed all the online television I can stand, watched countless academy award-nominated films, and binged on Pinterest and Facebook. Ready to bring this atrophied body back into the real world please. I even am attempting to give the gym a go (shudder) because frankly it is too damn cold for walks with friends. My insomnia is in full force and I am trying to find mantras to soothe me. I'm particularly moved by one of my favorite quotes by Albert Camus, "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." Ok universe, release me back into civilization. Next time I wish for a break I'll be sure to specify the terms to include that time's up after 2 weeks...


Here is a little interview I did for Clementine Daily- a site I absolutely adore! Here I delve into the day and the life of a stylist (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Thank you again Erin for including me on your lovely site!


I am so pleased to share my new website designed by the super talented Jenn Gietzen who simplified and streamlined my site, so now all of my social media outlets look cut from the same cloth (tumblr, pinterest, etc). I hope you'll check it out! I'm still keeping this site for blogging purposes and to share new work but now I have a place to just showcase my styling portfolio which I have been developing and evolving for the past 4 years! I've  come a long way from my very first blog post ( My Favorite Color is Shiny era) to now and it feels good to have a fresh new home. January is not normally my favorite month but it sure is the time to reboot, recharge, and start anew. Cheers to that!


Photo: Ali Harper

This was one of my favorite photoshoots of my life. There is something so special about being able to witness family and friends breaking bread and exchanging stories. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles documented Atlanta icons Father Austin Ford and Marie Nygren of Serenbe creating her mother's recipe for gumbo. I learned how to make a roux (just keep stirring) and confirmed that southerners really are the best storytellers. It's always a pleasure to work with real people who make the day not feel like work at all. It was a privilege to be a part of this day. If you live in Atlanta nab a copy of the January issue, this story is truly lovely.


Photos: Jen Causey

Styling: Me


Here is some new work that is currently on the Anthropologie blog. The pumpkin bourbon ice cream sandwiches from Weckerly's are too-die-for. My mouth still waters when I think about them. I highly recommend making this for a Thanksgiving dessert- your hungry friends and family will thank you for it!  

Photography: Dave Greer

Art Direction: Halligan Smith

Food Styling: Khalil Hymore

Prop Styling: Me






Photos: Dave Greer

Last week (in what genuinely felt like a dream) I had an incredible opportunity to fly to Philly to prop style a few shoots for Anthropologie's web content. I was only in town less than 24 hours so the whole experience was this really lovely blur. The Art Director Halligan Smith has great ideas and brought such an exciting, fresh energy to the set and the food stylist Khalil Hymore is so, so talented. The photographer Dave just nailed every shot and Sullivan Owen provided the gorgeous arrangement.  The Anthropologie headquarters (more like campus) is just so beautiful which is to be expected, but the reality just surpassed it all. I could devote an entire post solely on their buildings' interiors and their darling café/ cafeteria. It was a creative wonderland. If I had interviewed at their office in college I think I could have been tempted to skip NYC altogether... here is a post I found that has some neat pics and a great video!

I also adored the people I met while I was there- everyone is so young and creative and supportive. It felt like being back in art school, but like, the really good highlight reel. Actually, I got to see several of my favorite people from SCAD which was the icing on the cake.

This particular shoot is part of a "Pin to Win" partnership with Remodelista. It's a Pinterest campaign and there are a boatload of awesome prizes you can win. See how to win here...

I have one more shoot coming soon from this trip, so be on the lookout!