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november 16 2007 gratitudes

1. walking to work with pete on a cool, crisp, clear fall day. the leaves are changing and it feels magical. now all i need is to find a handsome, charming young man to hold hands with me in the park...

2. pete's positive attitude.

3. being able to work two days in a row with only six hours of sleep combined, and feeling sustainably energized.

4. chelsea's first day at work. and that she starts at the little marc store tomorrow. how everyone is already in love with her.

5. chelsea's new wardrobe. seeing her light up from within. the happiest i have ever seen her. ever.

6. frances's dream came true. she is the manager of the children's store. power of positive thinking.

7. james hugged me and seemed genuinely touched by the notebook that i gave him. his sincerity is always high on my gratitude list.

8. seeing james working with the visual team.

9. being giggly girls with amy and frances.

10. haylie bird's new blog post. made me want to cry.

11. susie farhandi and paul sanford, for making my dreams come true.

12. my fishtail braided pigtails.

13. chris weir for making me laugh all day long.

14. butternut squash soup.

15. john gardner finally got what he deserves. he is my newest coworker! and everyone loves him.

16. realizing that i might get to go home for thankgiving.

17. after work dinner with amy, kate, and frances. black coffee and key lime pie.

18. the new steiff toys that are going to be carried at the little marc of which is a hedgehog!

19. talking to my mother on the phone.

20. the future is looking bright...for everyone i love.

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Frances is... how can I say this? Handsome! I thought at first that it was a long-haired indie boy with incredible lips, but upon closer inspection I saw the purse strap and the hat. A lovely conundrum.

June 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarcheline

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