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a charmed life

1. afton waring is getting hitched! i'm so happy for her and samuel, they make a beautiful couple.

2. fresh, piping hot tortillas from the little mexican joint on 14th between 1st and 2nd ave.

3. the magical metals and jewelry store that amy took corrie and i to. a labyrinth of vintage charms. a nook of lockets. i found my replacement whistles for my necklace.

4. kiss and makeup with peter.

5. trim shopping for chelsea and i's costumes.

6. the lot of old photos i found at late bloomers antique shop.

7. the old lady at mood fabrics who reminded me of a chelsea cook/ginny branch mash up. she was wearing a mauve suede hat, a fur collared coat, and a pink color-spectrum striped scarf. she was a toy maker who created a hip-hop teddy bear for gund.

8. the woman with pink stripes in her hair at tinsel trading who gave us vintage santa cupcake toppers.

9. amy's yellow velvet bow.

10. chelsea gave me her leftovers to eat.

11. made a love necklace. glued a metal "E" on a gold locket and added my old promise ring from ed.

12. grey weather.

13. the boy at birdbath bakery gave corrie and i a free chocolate cookie.

14. chelsea, pete, and mollie liked their gifts.

15. talked to my sweet man on the phone.

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