Photo: Ali Harper

I did it. For the first time in 29 years I called for re-enforcements. I enlisted the help of a housekeeper. I waved the white flag and somehow managed to convince my husband that we were past the point of no return. We both work long hours. We have two beagles who shed their body weight in fur daily. I am a collector and he is a saver. We are pilers(mail, magazines, clothes). He cooks and I don't clean. We are the perfect case for people who need a housekeeper. 

Sometimes you just want to live beautifully and having a clean slate allows for more thinking, more making, more doing. Looking forward to longer days and a slower pace so I can recharge my creative engines. 



I am so pleased to share the first installment from Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, GA where I had the pleasure of being the stylist on an awesome creative crew from Atlanta. I could not be any luckier to have the opportunity to create with a talented powerhouse group of women Amy Osaba, Krista Janos, Claudia Mejerle, Meredith Mejerle, and Shanna Skidmore. Also, a thank you to Katy Dennison for joining us and working her tail off! Utterly Engaged shared one of our days spent at Christ Church's graveyard where we had the opportunity to showcase Claire Pettibone's beautiful spring 2013 gowns... heavenly. I could not be more in love with that flower wall that Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder built using vintage wallpapers, ripped and layered, to mimic a peeling old wall. That layered with Amy Osaba blooms is just perfection. Also, I am just smitten with the romantic and effortless hair and makeup that Erin Skipley and Claudia Mejerle created for the day. Just how every bride should want to look! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your beautiful photos with us! Also, be sure to check out Utterly Engaged's journal to see the incredible photos taken by the talented attendees!



Here is the moodboard that inspired the shoot! 



I just arrived home after a magical few days at Serenbe with my dear friend Ali Harper at her INCREDIBLE home. Walking into her home is like walking into my Pinterest page... literally. It's what hopes and dreams are made of :) I also have a special place in my heart for Serenbe because I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life there four years ago and I always jump at any excuse to visit. The cherry trees, wisteria, forsythia, honeysuckle, and hydrangeas have exploded. This is my favorite part of spring... flowering trees when everything else is still waiting to awake from winter's last gasp. We spent quite some time foraging for an editorial story and I was happy to earn a healthy amount of dirt under my nails.

We also visited Manyfold Farms, an inspiring small farm run by the darling Rebecca and Ross who are also high school sweethearts(which of course I love)! We got up close and personal with their brood of chickens and a cantankerous rooster who suckerpunched Ali right as she was getting the money shot! I also managed to get my paws on some of their cheeses and HOLY SMOKES. I could live on their cheese alone and die a happy woman. For those in the Atlanta area I highly recommend visiting Star Provisions to snatch up a selection.

Ali also introduced me to some new Serenbe gems. I am smitten with Resource, a shoppe where I was able to snag black chalk and a pair of the coveted, sold out, Red's Outfitters Bridges shades. I also had a lovely quiet morning at Fern's Market, a gorgeously edited general store with artisinal nibbles and beautifully branded utilitarian wares like common good soap

I also had the eating tour of Serenbe, Blue Eyed Daisy and The Farmhouse were two stops that left me with a full heart and belly. The Hil is not to be missed as well! We had our rehearsal dinner there and I have a particular soft spot for that place. 

I just adore Serenbe and its inhabitants and everything the community represents. One of Ali's friends described Serenbe perfectly as a community of makers. I love that. 



I just got back from a weeklong workshop in Sea Island, GA(more on that amazingness later) with my favorite crew of talented women, Amy Osaba, Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder, Claudia Mejerle, Shanna Skidmore, Meredith Mejerle, and a new addition Katy Dennison. We represented the creative team for Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop 2013 and it was a whirlwind of a week jampacked with a whole lot of beauty. With four workshops now under my belt, I'm starting to feel like a seasoned pro! Working 21 hour days is par for the course so I thought I should mention what my survival essentials are...

1. Long thin tee shirt tunics from Calypso. I am obsessed with this style because a long shirttail is key for being able to bend over, pick up furniture, reach up high on a ladder, etc. Drapey knits are your best friend.

2. What is more practical for those days when you don't have time to shower or put thought into a "beauty routine" than this hat. Instantly makes me feels like I've put some effort into my look, even if I haven't really.

3. Cacao Aztec Aphrodisiac bars. I am fortunate that Cacao calls Atlanta home, because I can not get enough of their divine chocolates. They also generously donated these bars to the workshop and it is the perfect thing to nibble on for a quick hit of sugar when energy gets low. A little luxury on a long day.

4. Benefit They're Real mascara. I was gifted this little gem in my welcome bag since Benefit was the beauty partner for the workshop. New favorite mascara alert! I have puny, pitiful, stick straight wimpy lashes and this made me feel like a 60s baby doll. Love.

5. Mossimo Leggings. I challenge anyone to find a more useful uniform than black leggings on a photo shoot. While I would prefer to wear my worn-in overalls I do get far less disapproving looks with black leggings...and they are admittedly more comfortable. 

6. Frye Oxfords how I love thee let me count the ways. I can wear these for hours and hours upon end without needing relief. I hope they never discontinue this style because it is chic and utilitarian and I love the hint of heel.

7. While Weleda Skin Food is a longtime fave, Aquaphor is a less expensive alternative. It seems to be the staple in every makeup artist's kit and I can see why. I'm vigilant about keeping chapped lips/hands at bay and this does the trick!

8. Klorane Dry Shampoo is my secret weapon for surviving showerless days. Sometimes there is too much to do and showering is a luxury that just has to wait. This dry shampoo is my gold standard.

9. This Apolis + Kinfolk tote is THE JAM. I am always on the search for the perfect toolbag and this one is my new favorite. The burlap, canvas, and brown leather is the trifecta of fabric dreaminess and I am living for all of the pockets on the exterior. Also, the straps are the perfect length. 

10. Ashley of Ice Milk Aprons generously sent a huge shipment of her aprons to the workshop and I wore mine happily with pride! I'm a huge fan of this pocketed version because I'm always needing a place to stash my scissors, clips, and doublestick tape. I wonder if I could convince her to make this style into a toolbelt? Hmm...

11. Elizabeth's makeup artist, Erin Skipley, introduced me to a new-to-me concept... DRY CONDITIONER!!!!! Hot dang I may never have to wash my hair again. She sprayed my beaten up, split ends with a little hit of TIGI Rockaholic Dry Conditioner and I was officially hooked. I ordered two bottles today!

12. Benefit Benetint. Red lipstick is my singular makeup but when I am handling exquisite(and expensive) wedding gowns I will forgo my signature red lips for a hint of color. I have kept this in rotation since I was in middle school but it is a lifesaver when your face just needs a little something to feel finished. This was also included in my welcome bag and I used it all week long. Minimal effort required!



Logo Design by Erica Loesing/Photo by Amber Fouts

Some exciting news! CAMP is back and in the process of developing a new series of master classes, workshops, tutorials, and retreats. I've created a new section on my site called CAMP which I will update with current schedules for 2013. CAMP was founded last year with Amy Osaba, Erica Loesing, Max LeBlanc, and Maria Taylor. My dream is to build a creative community and nurture the talents of artists and innovators, particularly those in the realm of stylists, photographers, floral designers, calligraphers, designers, and bloggers. I have helped host and/or been a part of the creative team for such workshops as Once Wed & Jose VillaAmy Osaba's Indian Summer WorkshopFeet First & Blogshop, and the fast approaching Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop. Maybe you want to brush up on your current skills or try your hand at something new! In every respect we strive to democratize information regarding our trades. Let us help you develop your creative intuition and cultivate your own beautiful aesthetic. We want to further support your right and left brain needs for a holistic approach to learning. Stay tuned for a schedule of upcoming master classes and workshops!Leave a note in the "SAY HI" section to stay updated on our progress and to share your interests!



All images and content: Besotted Blog

Do y'all read the blog Besotted? Since the birth of Pinterest there are very few blogs that hold my interest, and none like this one. I compusively check to see if Tristan has updated her perfectly edited, incredibly informative, gorgeously designed blog. Her palette of soft neutrals warms my color-shy heart and her type/hand lettering is flawless. I'm so thrilled to have her freshing up my branding and media and I can't wait to see what she dreams up. Tristan is one of the most wildly talented women I have ever seen. She photographs, she designs, she has an incredible online shoppe, she hand letters, she teaches... I am wondering what she can't do. Probably nothing. I also am so grateful for her transparency on her blog and her willingness to share her tips and tricks which is a quality I really admire. She is so supportive of other women and I just think we'd be good friends if we lived in the same city. Anyway, if you haven't visited her blog, run don't walk to her site! And she is a must follow on Pinterest, and check out her Pinterest recs on her blog.


***SIDE NOTE***My business card designed by the darling Emma will remain because I just love it to pieces. It still makes me happy everytime I see it. 



All photos by Elizabeth Messina


Words can not describe how honored and excited I am to be styling Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, GA. Talk about a pinch-me moment! I have been such a fan of Elizabeth's stunning work for the absolute longest time and I'm sort of shocked that this is even happening!

Let's get down to the awesome lineup of Atlanta folks who are all partnerning up for this workshop. My dear friend and studiomate, Amy Osaba, will be the floral maestro for the week. Our talented friend Krista of Blue Eyed Yonder will be bringing and creating some major set design pieces. Hair & Makup goddess Claudia Mejele will be helping to create the beauty storyline for the week. My ladies at Ivy & Aster,  Gabi Ogletree of Atlanta's newest bridal salon, The Sentamentalist, and Chaviano Couture will be loaning us some of the most unreal frocks for the week. The wildly talented Chelsea Cook is custom making boleros that are absolutely divine. 

This is just the beginning of a long line of incredible talents who are all contributing their skills, expertise, and designs for this workshop. Pop on over to Kiss the Groom to learn more about some of the other amazing partners like Twigs and Honey, Wiley Valentine, Claire Pettibone, Artifact Uprising and many, many more! 



This past weekend I missed one of my best friend's bridal showers due to an overlooked email in a long chain indicating a change of date. I made the arrangements a week in advance only to realize, much to my horror, that I had not seen the very important email. The ephemeral nature of flowers is kind of heartbreaking in one of these situations. Note to self- read every last email, no matter how long the email chain. Also, I am dying to try the new mailbox app. Since I am a freelancer I am very rarely near a desk or even close to my phone and I am always devising new plans to solve my email crisis. Fingers crossed for this!



Here are some of my favorite photos from our Atlanta Weddings photo shoot featured on 100 Layer Cake today. I am always grateful for Atlanta Weddings for giving me the opportunity to work with my favorite, talented teammates on a photo shoot. Here we had the whole day to bebop all over Savannah, GA, the place I called home for 5 years. I hope we were able to capture a little bit of the chippy, patinaed romance of one of the most charming of southern cities. For more images from our shoot, check out 100 Layer Cake or, if you're local, pick up a copy of Atlanta Weddings magazine in stores now!


Photographer: Jeremy Harwell / Styling: Ginny Branch / Floral Design: Maria Taylor for Amy Osaba / Stationery and Paper Goods: Erica Loesing/ Hair & Makeup: Claudia Mejerle/ Model: Anna Salzillo


Midnight in Georgia...

Here are some snaps by my friend Ali Harper from our shoot that was featured on Snippet and Ink today! I'm particularly thrilled because Snippet and Ink was the very first wedding blog I ever started reading back in 2007 before the wealth of wedding blogs that exist now. Pop on over to see more photos and hear about our inspiration for the shoot.

Photographer: Ali Harper / Styling: Ginny Branch / Floral Design: Amy Osaba / Recipe Concepts and Food Styling: Alison Leuker / Hair & Makeup: Claudia Mejerle / Dress: Ivy & Aster / Invitation: Bella Figura