Mucklows Fine Jewelry Holiday 2012

Here are some images from my latest styling for Mucklows Fine Jewelry at Lullwater Acres.

We wanted to create a soft and wintery palete with pops of red. Here is the moodboard I created to set the tone and direction of the shoot...

Oh, and how beautiful is the hair and makeup? Claudia Mejerle consistently knocks it outta the park with her natural, romantic touch that is never heavy handed or overdone. She always lets her subject's beauty shine through without too many bells and whistles. And she is a total doll to be around!

Photography: Harwell Photography

Hair and Makeup: Claudia Mejerle

Jewelry: Mucklows Fine Jewelry

Model: Anna Salzillo

Wardrobe: Ivy & Aster

Styling: Me

Stylist Assistant: Jordan Wright

Location: Lullwater Acres 



Anna S...

Here are a few images from my latest lookbook shoot for Mucklows Fine Jewelry shot by my wildly talented friend Jeremy Harwell. The models from Factor I work with are all undeniably beautiful and wonderful to work with, but I am partial to this lady, Anna Salzillo. I have had the privelege of working with her many times and her movements are so fluid and effortless. She also knows how to embody the spirit of the clothing she wears. She understands what her clients want with little to no direction which makes everyone's time on the set that much easier. How lovely is she in this stunning dress and capelet by Ivy and Aster

You can just tell she is kind. It radiates in her face and in the way she moves. You will see her a lot more around here, so stay tuned.


nice day for a harvest wedding...





Here is one of the shoots I concepted and styled for the newest Atlanta Weddings magazine, on newsstands now. With an end of summer harvest in mind, we all worked together to create a simple tablescape spotlighting various pickings from the garden, farmer's market, and several local heroes from Atlanta's food scene. Atlanta's restaurants are otherworldy good, and this series features treats from Bella Cucina, Empire State South, and Farmer Ds. My mouth is watering just thinking about this shoot! 

Also, I am completely smitten with the tiny rosemary papercuts Erica Loesing created that are seen both wrapped around votives and sprinkled like confetti on the table. And yes, that is her beautiful calligraphy on the linens. She's also highlighted in this month's issue for her stationary designs. 

AND can I also brag on Maria Taylor for a minute? She is one of Amy Osaba's associate floral designers and she created all the dazzling arrangements for this series. AND she was about 9 months pregnant during this summer shoot. That stunning urn arrangement came home with me :)

Stay tuned for more beautiful photos courtesy of Jeremy Harwell! And please nab yourself a copy. You won't regret it!


the juicy truth...

{sources 1//2//3}

Breaking some serious radio silence here. Instead of apologizing for an absurdly long leave of absence I want to share an update. I believe I  have  finally kicked my coffee addiction- almost 5 months clean. I am not someone who can enjoy it in moderation. My moderation was a minimum of 5 cups a day. Pretty unreasonable and really not so gentle on my body. I am fully surfing the juice wave and I LOVE IT! I swaped out my dark mistress for a morning ritual of green juice, a cup of matcha tea, and a solid vitamin B capsule. I hope you don't mind if this space becomes a little more devoted to health and wellness. IT WILL NEVER BE PREACHY, I promise! I just want to share what tips/tricks/changes I have found helpful. Oh... and I'm going to try and get my yoga instructor certification. Any words of encouragement would be so appreciated. 

So a few months ago we splurged on a Breville and even though I still adore my Vitamix, I must say that this new toy is just fantastic. It is amazing how many vegetables I can squeeze into my meals now and the energy boost feels so much cleaner and more even than my coffee jolt ever did. I have yet to do a full on juice cleanse... a little too intense for me at this point. Anyway, here is my favorite combination of greens for a morning pick-me-up.

                                               morning glory juice

                                               1 bunch of kale

                                               1 head of romaine

                                               1 granny smith apple

                                               1 zucchini

                                               1 lemon{peeled}

                                               1 lime {peeled}


*I still am styling, by the way! I have a long backlog of shoots that I have been meaning to post since May...eek! 


Herbarium Wedding Shoot on Utterly Engaged...

Here is the photo shoot I styled for dreamy photographer Ali Harper back in March. I wanted to create something completely simple and achievable for brides who'd rather have an intimate dinner party with food and flowers from their backyard. Unfussy and undone. This is something any gal can achieve with a little help from friends. Let wine, good food, and warm conversations fill in the spaces. No need for bells and whistles.


Herbarium guest book

Infused water sampler in lieu of fancy liquor drinks

Backyard and roadside herbs and flowers are my favorite.. Feverfew, Jasmine, Violets, Buttercups, Red Clover, and Queen Anne's Lace to name a few. 

Moss twine is one of my new favorite things. I can use it for everything. And that rosemary garland is just  too easy to make!

Heart-shaped brie!



Terrarium favors for guests are also a breeze to make and won't even come close to breaking the bank!

For more photos pop on over to Utterly Engaged's Organic Love issue! The whole magazine is filled with fantastic imagery from start to finish. 


Herbarium Bride...


Remember my herb posts from a month ago? Here is a sneak peek from the shoot inspired by some of those studies. I had the pleasure of working with the wildly talented photographer, Ali Harper, and I can't wait to share the full story! Stay tuned for more photos...



"Tea with us became more than an idealization of the form of drinking; it is a religion of the art of life."...Kakuzo Okakura



Photos by Caroline Petters. Styling by me.

Recently I have been reading a lot of truly wonderful, soul-filling books. The latest one is Kakuzo Okakura's The Book of Tea by way of several different resources on wabi sabi. While I'm only an occasional tea drinker/black coffee drinker by habit and necessity, I find teaism and the beauty of its simplicity something to quiet my overstimulated mind. Also I am absolutely dying to visit Bellocq's tea atelier in Brooklyn. Their packaging is honestly some of the most sensual packaging I have ever seen. The silver canisters are so elegant and divine they completely outshine the other cabinet sundries.

Here are some photos of a test shoot I styled for the super-talented Caroline Petters with art direction collaboration from the creative eye of Erica Loesing. I have just recently been trying my hand at prop styling for food which is beyond fascinating to me. I could wax poetics forever and ever on the extreme respect I have for food stylists... but I'll expand on that later.




new growth...

Today I spent a healthy amount of time tending to my garden. Ok, the fact that I have land that I can plant living things in is beyond wild to me, pun not intended. I picked up a few varieties of oxalis(shamrocks) that I'm hoping will be the beginnings of my meadow, no mow, lawn. I also tried my hand at some terrariums since my favorite wholesale flower shop is having a sale on baby ferns and moss. Amy Merrick, queen of terrariums, gave me my first one almost 5 years ago that I think I might have killed in the first week. She has several great tutorials out there, for those who haven't tried making one before.  I am also going to finally attempt some moss graffiti and see how that goes. I'll try it on the wall of my shed... shh, don't tell my husband.



I love this old Shaker saying. I am always struggling with balancing work and real life. Thankfully I really love what I do these days, and work is picking up after a quiet winter. I've been trying to block off more time for creative play. I spend a good portion of my day laying the building blocks for a new and thrillingly terrifying chapter in my career. More of an evolution than anything, but still, I truly can't wait to share more. If you follow me on instagram you can see glimpses of projects and behind-the-scenes of my daily life. The saying above I made from a rosemary needle alphabet created earlier in the day. 



There are so many parts of me that wish I had chosen Graphic Design for my BFA. Please don't laugh too hard at my pitiful attempts of figuring my way through a very, very outdated photoshop- ha! And sadly I never grasped illustrator in school. Sigh.



honey do...



I stumbled across this beautifully simple project via Donna Hay's website. I love any handmade project that is truly achievable, even for those with short on time(and patience). Here she takes square sheets of honeycomb craft wax and rolls it into a cone. So easy, right? And the placecard just slips right in. The smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, and this fits the bill perfectly.