I recently had a conversation with my friend Kate Byars about the phrase "cocktail" and how it skeeves me out to my core. Do y'all have a favorite synonym for this crude term- spirits? 5'oclocks? Aperitif is too snooty patooty, but if you have any suggestions I am all ears! 

 Items, clockwise from the top:  Wood muddler from Coterie, Brookfarm General Store stainless steel  straws,  Dutch's Colonial Bitters from Kaufmann Mercantile, Japanese Kraft Envelopes( for storing drink recipes) from Kaufmann Mercantile, India Tree brown sugar cubes, Morris Kitchen Boiled Apple Cider Syrup from Kaufmann Mercantile. 

I'm thrilled with the renewed interest in mixology mainly because I have a stockpile of gift-ideas for Ed, even though he's pretty simple- basic whiskey straight or on the rocks. Craft whiskies are somewhat lost on him since he's a Jack Daniels/ Makers Mark kind of man. I'm an aesthetics gal so fancy pants bar stocking is in his future ;)

For a charming tour of the some spirited folks, go here and here, courtesy of talented photographer Jen Causey.


Atlanta Weddings Color Issue Behind the Scenes...

Something to also note about me is I am extremely camera shy. If you ever attempt to photograph me while I'm red-faced and sweating away on a job, do not be surprised if I shoot you a dirty look.  If I could have "no photographing me" in my contract, I would :)

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with this fantastic behind-the-scenes video from our Atlanta Wedding magazine shoot. Atlanta Wedding Productions videographer Mike captured all of the highlights of working on a photo shoot. If you're at all interested in seeing a glimpse into the creative process and all of the moving parts of a photo shoot, press play.




I recently reignited a love for the clothing brand Arts & Science. I first discovered this label upon rifling through Worthwhile, an exceptionally well-curated shop in Charleston back in 2007.* Side Note- This was also the store where I purchased my first pair of Steven Alan bloomers* 

Arts & Science is the creation of Stylist Sonya Park. Marry her love of vintage, chorewear, and minimalism and you get this wonderfully gender-less, simple wardrobe. I love every single piece- which is pretty rare. Pop on over to the website and prepare to be hooked. 


night sky...


 "We have only this moment, sparkling in our hand like a star-and melting like a snowflake"-Sir Francis Bacon

images, from clockwise at the top: sussi's varld, art department, felix gonzales-torres, image from pulp archives, vintage industrial lights from AGC916

I saw this image of the boy looking at the stars and thought that it would be a nice little backdrop. Kraft paper covered in chalkboard paint with twinkly lights behind it? Could be fun for a party or a child's bedroom.

One of my favorite ideas i've stumbled across lately is this linen napkin/ pillowcase (?)as a votive found via Sussi's Varld. I don't think i've seen anything like that before! The simplicity is just perfect.

Maybe it's the warming of the weather, but I can't wait for the nights when we can dine al fresco. I do love looking at the stars. 



M O T H E R...


The wonder child that is Yokoo launched a terrific new collection, Mother, featuring her woven designs reminiscent of beautiful chorewear from the turn of the century. I've always been drawn to her inspired approach to styling with nods to the past. Uppercase magazine has a great article with a wonderful quote from Yokoo about her newest designs- definitely pop over there to read more.



humble materials...


{first image source-small batch productions. second image- lisa congdon altered art envelope, honey and jam photo, and ramie etsy seller. third image- acne linen peter pan blouse, fog linen totes, and pip squeak chapeau)}

This summer will be a linen affair. It's not even officially spring and I'm already perspiring just thinking about Georgia heat. I've been slowly aquiring bits and pieces of this humble material, stowing it away for the upcoming battle. I love unpressed, furrowed fabrics. The unfussier the better. I would love to see a summer, country bride wearing a linen day dress and bare feet. This is how I romanticize the dreadful southern city summers, don't hold it against me.


atlanta weddings color issue spring/summer 12

I am so excited to finally be able to share a shoot I styled back in the fall for Atlanta Weddings Magazine's Spring/Summer 12 issue. The theme for this issue is color, which was a fun challenge for me since I am typically a little color-shy. Thankfully Atlanta Weddings Magazine gave me the opportunity to work with my talented studio mates (Erica, Amy, and Maria). Miss Erica designed all of the dreamy backdrops and paper goods- aren't they wonderful?? She's a total master of all things handmade. You have got to buy this latest issue to see all of the gorgeous fresh floral jewelry Amy created. I wish I could wear some of those creations on a daily basis this spring. Here is a tiny taste of what is in the magazine and a little glimpse into the moodboards driving the inspiration. 

the inspiration...




the inspiration... 

This one was my favorite- if I'm allowed to choose :) Erica's paintchip background translated to emulate paint splatters perfectly and Highland Bakery took a watercolor swatch of mine and created the icing(WOW). I also am completely charmed by the idea of a bride wearing a blush-colored dress or fresh floral jewelry.



the inspiration...



Words also can not express how grateful I am for any opportunity to work with Jeremy Harwell. He is one of the most wonderful photographers and the epitome of a gentleman. Thank you also to these topnotch creatives:


Amy Osaba: Floral Design

Erica Loesing: Backgdrop and Paper Good Design

Maria Taylor: Creative Assistant

Mara Z: Makeup Artist

Toni Acey: Hair Stylist

Highland Bakery: Cake Design

Ivy  & Aster, Fabulous Frocks, and Neiman Marcus: Wardrobe

Nicholas Kniel: All ribbons, metallic fabric bouquet, and jewelry

Models: Lauren Burton and Annie Shu(Factor Agency)

 Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery: Venue 


portrait of a lady...


i am all about ladies looking like paintings created by the masters. here are some girls who achieve muse-worthiness oh so effortlessly...








beet red...


last year i attempted(and failed) to make a savory beet pureé as part of a romantic valentine's day dinner. glorified baby food might be too kind of a descriptor. this year i will let the beet honor its sweet self and slip it into a cake recipe. the color is so utterly romantic and needs to shine on a day like february 14th...


perhaps something like this or this.

images from my instagram and illustration adapted from this.





hi honey...


“Morning is the best of all times in the garden. The sun is not yet hot. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten. Birds call to one another. Bees are already at work."... William Longgood

honey is a sweet compliment to rustic, earthy homemade beer bread.

for bread recipe go here

for a beautiful video about honey go here. and check out their bread making video too.

for a girl who loves honey bees, go here.



moodboard credits: 1,2,3(illustration by me)

top illustration and bottom photo: me.