burning love...


{ clockwise from top: photo found here, catbird campfire travel candle, heart matches photo found here, cb i hate perfume bonfire, paine's cedar incense, demeter bonfire}

until our fireplaces get in working order i have been content to recreate the smell of a woodsy cabin. thankfully this has been fairly easy to achieve with these elements, all of which i employ. except for those heart matches. i need a source for those bad boys somethin' awful.


good morning...


one of the perks about being self-employed is the ability to have a leisurely morning if so desired. historically i crack open my computer upon first opening my eyes and begin the timesuck that is internet usage. instead i am savoring the quiet moments with a hot cup of coffee and a bowful of thick yogurt, fruit, and granola. 

hope you all are having a good morning so far.




(image taken from the back cover of kinfolk magazine)

I'll be the first to admit that I have kept things pretty quiet here. I had taken a long, pregnant pause from this space that has been my touchstone for so long. I signed up for alt when registration first opened, and frankly, forgot soon thereafter. The holidays and our first venture into homeownership took first priority, and my small space on the interweb seemed friviolous and insignificant. Work and the hustle of it all normally demands not only my first priority, but all of my attention. All the people I love the most, and my housekeeping, take back burner. Honestly, if I had a penny for every time I've said "It's amazing I still even have friends" or heard "You never pick up my phone call, I'm beginning to think you hate me" then I'd be a wealthy girl.  If I'm not working towards rent for my awesome studio space, then I'm juggling various photo shoots and clients' needs. But anyone who knows me would vouch that I'm my most happiest when I'm around people. I love and treasure human interaction. Working for yourself can be a lonely, lonely little life. And it is very, very easy to lose sight of the utter whole, let alone personal goals in mind.

The face of blogging has evolved so much since I first ventured into good ole My Favorite Color is Shiny. Now there is so much noise, albeit beautiful noise, in media. I am trying to be more mindful of what I read, listen to, and watch on TV( this might even mean saying goodbye to The Real Housewives and Bravo as a whole). I hope to continue to evolve while staying authentic to who I am and hope to be. For anyone considering going to alt, I cannot express how much I would champion the decision. Not only were the speakers inspirational, but I found more joy in three days than I have felt in so very, very long. True, unadulterated joy. So much so that I had to swallow back the tears on my 9 hour day of travel, and read Mindy Kaling's book (talk about a good belly laugh kind of book). The kindred spirits I met, particularly that of my roomates, who I had never met before. Carrie, Kelly, and Jenn completely welcomed me as a friend from the moment I met them. I met so many kindhearted women( and a handful of men) who wildly impressed me with their creativity and transparency. I don't even I think I have enough wordspace or cleverness to attempt to adress all of the wonderful people I met or listened to speak. 

Over the course of the next 6 months to a year, I have a very specific goal I will be working towards for and a series of small changes I hope to accomplish. I could share them now but I would rather the sum of the parts speak louder than any sort of itemized promises sworn on here. I do promise to share more thoughtfully and deliberately, and I won't force anything inauthentic on you. Altruism, all the time baby. That's what I will have in the forefront of my mind and heart. Thank you Liz, Gabrielle, and Jordan for all of your vision, heart, and hardwork you poured into creating a truly incredible experience at alt. And thanks all y'all for listening.


humble beginnings... 



the homefront is slowly beginning to take shape. i've been puttering around the house taking stock of what we have and what clever storage systems need to be put in place. this past weekend my mother and i made our monthly pilgrimage to scott's to sniff out various catch-alls, crates, bins, rusty hat hooks, and the like. i've been non-stop organizing, which is NOT in my nature. do not be fooled. we have a shed and an attic which certainly helps to tuck away my collection of collections. but i've been doing all sorts of very grown-up things, like laundry. WE HAVE OUR FIRST washer & dryer, something i have longed for these past few years. it's amazing the ownership i feel with every pile of clothing i am able to fold in the privacy of my own home. 

since january-february is typically a quiet time for my business i will be forced to share glimpses of my on-going project of making this house a home. here are a few corners of our old, creaky imperfect house. 


  a torn oil painting sitting atop a chair from my grandmother. this chair is missing an arm. and that is a child mannequin.


 here is a jam cupboard i swiped for a song at scott's. she's from 1860 which of course makes me love it even more. it took no time at all for me to fill it to the brim. 


a tea set from my other grandmother. i adore the way the creamer and sugar stack up on eachother. such clever design for an oldie. 


gratuitous photo of our sleeping beagles. i found a pair of handsewn pillows made of worn ticking fabric with crude stitches. needless to say it took harry & maddy no time at all to test it out. 


***oh, and did i mention that i'm going to alt? i am still kind of in disbelief that i'm actually flying out west(for the first) let alone going to a blogger conference out there! i hope i get to meet a lot of y'all this week!



well this has been an embarrasingly long time since i've posted, huh? well,  a whirlwind fall wedding season merged into the holiday season and jumped straight into us moving into our first house new year's eve. we bought our first house, a 112 year old charmer on a hill in a historic, former-mill town neighborhood. january is a quiet month and i didn't make a single resolution this year. not one. in fact, i was so exhausted from moving that i slept heavily through the ringing in of 2012 with a bedtime barely topping nine o'clock. i am looking forward to new beginnings and adventures this year and i hope you'll stay tuned for more!


these days...

here are a few peeks into my instagram feed. i just wrapped up my last big shoot before the holidays and i can't wait to share it when the time comes! looking at these photos reminds me how lucky i am to be able to be surrounded by creative people and to be pursuing my own creative projects. sometimes when i get overwhelmed with projects i lose track of how unbelievably awesome it is to love what i do. and love the people i work with. my heart is majorly full right now :)


marilyn now...


photos of michelle williams by brigitte lacombe via nowness

love michelle williams and am curious to see her portrayel of this iconic woman. has anyone seen my life with marilyn yet?


i wanna rock with you, j.crew...


i want to rock with you j.crew. and be a smooth criminal in these jazzy flats that would make mj proud. i also am loving these outfits up on here. high five marissa & jenna!

**remember this round-up of my favorite twinkle toes? i might have to do a part II for this season!


pie  shop...



illustration adapted from this photo


life is short, eat dessert first- right??? this thanksgiving i called dibs on bringing dessert after visiting pie shop. holy deliciousness batman!!! mims has the best pies in town in the most darling shop, and a pretty cute name to boot. if you live in atlanta and haven't made it down to her shoppe, run don't walk to  p i e  s h o p! 


mistletoe mouth...

illustration adapted from this photo of jamie king

ooh girls! i am LIVING for this weather. one of the many reasons why i love cold weather is for the return of sequins and bold lips. revlon fire and ice is my new flavor of the moment, but here are my favorite bold shades of all time( in no particular order). do you have a favorite shade of red?pink?orange?

1. nars red square

2. face stockholm silk( my signature red)

3. nars heatwave

4. revlon fire and ice

5. nars cruella

6. mac ruby woo

7. revlon cherries in the snow

8. nars funny face

*also, i need more tips on how to prevent the dreaded lipstick ring. it haunts my dreams and nothing is more frightening than catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror with nothing but outlined lips-woof.