think happy thoughts...17 june 2008 gratitudes

1. my new LL Bean shirt came in the mail. never would have thought to check there if it wasn't for the lovely amy merrick it really is the perfect french sailor girl shirt and so dirt cheap!

2. the new french playboy finally arrived! i've been harassing the local west village news stand men for this magazine. it really is beautiful and NOTHING like american playboy. the spreads look like high fashion and it is sincerely tastefully done. and no, i don't read it for the articles. although i wish i could read all the french! girls always look at me with such offense until i flip through it with them and make them believers. its perfect for fashion illustration references.

3. went to freeman's for dinner with corrie pellerin. i have not been able to spend time with this dear friend of mine because i've really only seen the better part of my store and apartment this past month. lots of long hours and i felt like treating us to dinner to de-stress. it was amazing as always. i ran into two clients and the model-esque waitress who i used to see at the juice bar in the east village. she's bought her own juicer now and apparently it has changed her life. i need to invest in a juicer.

4. had a long phone conversation with john gardner and lots of long talks with chelsea, corrie, pete, ed, and my mother. really, my friends and family are what carry me through stressful times. i am so lucky to have such goodness in my life. when everything else seems to be going not-so-great, these people continue to cheer me up. i really am one lucky lady. good things are around the corner...thinking good thoughts...

5. i'm going to start working out today and making it a commitment again. having a healthy balanced lifestyle makes everything else run smoother. and working out is the best mood lifter for me. so here i go again...


j'mappelle l'amour...6.16.08 gratitudes

1. just spent a short but very sweet weekend with my man. he had to hang out with me at work while i was tired and cranky but seeing him if only for a second is worth the circumstances. i love him with all my heart.

he makes me want to be a better person.

2. came home to find a darling postcard from one of the loveliest girls i know, meagan bennett. it is by the company bird and banner and it is adorable. made me smile so big!

3. came home to find a t shirt that haynes riley saw and thought of me. its a little cheesy, but hey, so am i. i think i might get it, because after all, i do love love. i love it for me, i love it for you, i love it for everyone.

4. i found some darling new blogs that make my day a whole lot better...

enhance the everyday

and her book that i am dying to buy, my heart wanders

my polaroid blog

and, a quickly beloved...scout holiday...i'm both obsessed and weirded out that this girl and i have so much in common. i think i would freak out if i met her.

please go look at these lovely ladies blogs and prepare to swoon and fall in love. i think they are magical...

5. i bought several new cute bras. marc jacobs is having a 70% off sale right now and the Spring 07 collection bras are ridiculously cheap and all sorts of 1930s glamorous. he made them out of silk charmeuse and crepe de chine and i bought like 5 pairs. i wish i had nabbed the darling heart is somewhere being worn by some mystery woman.

i wish i had original photos, but none today. i have been a little tired lately and a little lazy with shutterbugging. but i just ordered a polaroid sx 70 camera so i will play around with it as soon as it arrives in my little hands. and i really do have little hands, surprisingly small considering my stature.


6.13.08 gratitudes

1. had the biggest lunch at cafe cluny with corrie and pete. felt like i had a 3-in-1 meal. so good.

2. went to the castor and pollux sample sale.

3. wore heidi braids.

4. swatched fabrics at ny elegant fabrics with pete and chelsea. nothing like leaving a store with a bag full of free swatches.

5. sweet talked a kind old man at peron fabrics into selling me a roll of vintage ribbon for $7.00. the name of the producer..."lovebird" and the color..."coffee". but the shade was a magnificent dusty rose. a total triple threat.

6. had really nice conversations with leticia and john on the phone. they both made me feel a lot better and gave me good advice. i'm very, very lucky to have these people in my life.

7. gossiped with pete in my bed over cheese-its and fruity drinks. so much fun and so funny.

8. watched a weird, trippy black and white version of alice in wonderland. i've had this in my netflix at home for months, i kid you not, and haven't watched the whole thing until today. i felt like i was watching a maya deren surrealist film. beautiful but so bizarre and creepy. just my cup of tea!


sunshine and babies...6.12.08 gratitudes

1. have mercy, the earth has finally started to cool off a few degrees. i sincerely hate the heat. i'm just a lily white flower that simply wilts in the heat. true, i'm from the south, but we have luxuries like central a/c... everywhere. and you don't have to be exposed to the heat for but a minute. no one lollygags outside, especially not to and from work!

2. finally purchasing a window fan. saving my life right now. it ain't pretty but it keeps me happy as a clam.

3. passing by the neighborhood "street fair" organized by the local schoolhouse. crayola colored balloons trimming the fences like garlands. i love a good balloon, especially clusters of them on string.

4. when the west village families bring their children in the store and they try on the fancy merchandise. makes my day. i love seeing little girls play dress up. hands down my favorite pastime as a little girl. beats out playing with dolls and trying to kiss the boys. well...maybe my second favorite pastime...

5. my coworker, kristin's sweet playlist...soul 4 real, ready for the world, outkast. i want to thank her ex-boyfriend for making her such a fine mixed cd for our enjoyment.

6. making kristin a believer about my magical thoughts that help make dreams come true. i swear, i always tell people to ask me to visualize good things happening to them. i'll have them start small, with something realistic but somewhat far fetched and i'll focus on it coming true for them. works every time. without fail. i'm all for taking requests...i really want to be like oprah and help make everyone's wildest dreams come true.

7. having my first glass of red wine. i really don't like the taste of alcohol, at all, but i felt kind of fancy! and it definitly helped me relax after work. i think i'd still rather eat a pint of ice cream or a box of cupcakes, but a kind client brought a bottle of his own to share with our store. incredibly generous and a nice end to a long day.

8. yesterday was the love of my life's birthday. he's 25 and keeps getting more handsome, kinder, and smarter as the years pass. they broke the mold when they made him. every person who knows this man says the same thing. i have never met a more beloved boy. he's too good. i'm so glad he was born.


glitter in her eyes...june gratitudes

1. pink balloons for a very darling one year old girl, ara lopez. this sweet pea always brightens my day when she entertains me with an (almost) toothy grin. i have never seen such a smiley baby in my whole life! and i see very good things in her future...she comes from pretty amazing stock.

2. everywhere i turn, someone in new york seems to be campaigning for love. i felt i should remind a certain boy in georgia how i feel, since he is so far away and working so very hard. it may not be carved in a tree, but chalk on a wall in a public new york city garden is the next best thing.

3. i decided to glitter a forgotten pair of sunglasses. i just bought my first fancy-ish pair of sunglasses so i thought i would repurpose my former thrift store standbys. although my craftsmanship is poor and by no means professional, it makes me laugh. my mother would always encourage me to think through my creative process before executing it. but i like to fly by the seat of my pants. case in point.

4. i am finally showing some of my sketchbook works in progress on here. i just like to draw funny pictures of sweet girls. thats the extent of it. i don't like to talk about my work because i feel shy and silly. but there is no micron pen and piece of paper i wouldn't love to meet...

5. my big sister, amy, has been in town. although we are very different in certain ways, there is no denying we are, indeed, cut from the same cloth. we started out as just sisters with the same noses, but i'm so happy to say she has become a dear friend. we take our coffee black and our cupcakes vanilla. but she has learned to curb her sweet tooth better than i.


tie a ribbon in your hair...6 june 2008 gratitudes

1. working with my dear, talented roomates chelsea cook and peter cooney 'til the wee hours of the night while trying their patience with my guilty pleasure music (too embarrassed to even admit...)

2. collecting imagery from my favorite sources: milk magazine, lula magazine, alice in wonderland, henry darger books, discarded scrap book photos, photos of my muses...

3. the ability for one project to consume a home. trails of cut fabric and paper; piles of black velvet fuzz; and bits of thread and chipped sequins pouring from every corner of our apartment. a hurricane of trims and notions. i kid you not.

4. drinking excessive amounts of coffee and feeding on disgusting amounts of sugar (cupcakes, cookies, tarts...) to stay awake. the best part of the process.

5. pete's obscene and hilarious outbursts when sewing machine needles broke or stitching went awry. the things that will come out of that boy's mouth can certainly make a girl blush! his design concepts that come alive while he works. he truly is an artist whose best ideas are born during the creation process.

6. chelsea's patience, steadfastness, and commitment to craftsmanship. these are three of her qualities(amongst many) that saved us during our senior year. she has the kind of perseverance that will rise to any challenge and finish no matter how difficult or ridiculous the expectation. she, like our mentor mary ping, knows the meaning of slow and steady wins the race. a mantra we remind ourselves often.

7. reminding ourselves why we moved to new york in the first place. why we paid through the teeth for art school. seeing the finished product felt like falling in love all over again. because in the end, after all the long hours and calloused fingers, we are here to try and make some magic happen.

as i say time and time again, i do still believe in magic.


the tide is high and i'm holding on...05.19.08 gratitudes

oh, i just had the most amazing beach vacation with my sweet man! his grandfather, pop, let us stay in their family's beach vacation home in amelia island. it has been a long time since this lily white flower has seen the beach...

1. having the beach to ourselves...incredible. new york is one hustle and bustle city and it is quite a surreal sensation to go from a city packed with people like sardines, to a sprawling sea side with hardly any souls disturbing the landscape. the quiet crashing of waves and our mo-town beach tunes provided the only soundtrack for our ears.

2. finding one tiny conch shell, perfect and no bigger than a stick of gum. i saw children dragging their buckets that were bursting with shells and i became so envious. i was hoping to find a shark tooth but instead i found the sweetest little shell, and i knew it was meant to be. i gave it to the lovely chelsea cook and it is currently on her studio desk.

3. spanish moss. my goodness, all of the trees were dripping with spanish moss and it made me very nostalgic for savannah. i even thought about convincing eddie to take a day trip there since amelia island is only a few hours away. something about this moss is so romantic and kind of creepy at the same time.

4. cobalt blue. this color kept popping up on the ed's shorts and in a row of beach umbrellas. i miss color, since i don't see too much of it in the concrete jungle of new york city.

5. seafood. i ate all the shrimp, crab, and oysters to my heart(and stomach's) content. fried, steamed, broiled, you name it. i felt like bubba gump.

6. ed showed me the house where pippi longstocking was filmed. amazing. it looked just like how it did in the movie, but with a fresh coat of paint. my favorite scene was when they cleaned the house and she wore those scrubbing brush shoes. it made me actually want to clean...

7. kissing my sweet man for 5 days. i love to smooch and i've loved kissing him for the last 11 years. it really never gets old. he really is the best thing to have ever happened to me.

8. fort clinch. it's this site where civil war battles took place. you have to walk over a drawbridge through a tunnel into a circle of brick houses. each house was filled with different objects, mostly preserved relics but some recreated, to represent the space's purpose-the jail cell, the kitchen, the stock room, etc. i loved this so much!!!! nothing like a little glamorized stage of one of our nation's ugliest self-contained war to provide for photo opportunity.

9. american flags. whenever i see them i feel i should take a picture because i know my mother would. my mother loves american flag iconography, preferably in a folk art R.A. Miller sort of way, but really, she loves a good flag. and being back in the south, where everyone is proud to be an american...

10. being lazy without consequence. we had no schedule, no commitments, and had to answer to no one. we napped, lounged, watched t.v., snacked, and really took advantage of being away from it all. it felt so good to wake up every morning and just go with the flow.

11. thrifting!!! i made ed pull over just about any time i saw a storefront sign with "antiques" on it. i scored some lovely old children's books; two antique silhouettes; an old egg carton(back when package design for eggs was sweet and pictoral); and a box of primitive artist pencils. poor ed is so patient with me and my frivolous purchases. they were such good prices and i can't resist a good deal on old trinkets. my favorite ed quote, "really ginny, how many copies of alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz does one girl need?" well...

12. the abandoned trains. all of the cars are covered in graffiti and each one tells a story. ed recalled tales of his youth where he and his father would comb train tracks and he would collect rusted spikes, various other debris and call it his treasure. don't you just love boys?

i loved every minute with him and this is just the beginning of a lifetime filled with beach stories...i can't wait.


a dream is a wish your heart makes...may 9 2008 gratitudes

geeze louise...where do i begin...

1. i had an amazing dinner with chelsea, frances, amy, and chelsea's momma at roebling tea room in brooklyn. i love my little marc girls and it was such a sweet dinner and dang was the food good!

2. pete rallied all of my marc jacobs babies from all of the stores on bleeker and we danced the night away at happy endings. even some of my favorite west villagers showed up...nicole- the hot nanny, max-my john bauernfeind junior, and mia-my magnolia bakery cupcake dealer. oooh and savannah wyatt, emily searle, and borja pena came! i just kept telling everyone how happy i was. i mean, so happy. thank you pete cooney for throwing the best birthday party of my life.

3. the marc jacobs dinner the following night. robert duffy and all of the dear people in the corporate office gave me my dream bag...literally, this is the bag i've always wanted. i screamed like i was given something on oprah's favorite things episode. i even cried to my fiance on the phone about it later. it was so kind. this is the nicest thing i ever could have dreamt of owning. robert duffy, meagan oconnor, paul sanford, mike okerson, chris weir...nothing i say will ever express how grateful i am for this memory. hands down, one of the best moments of my life. my favorite color is shiny for crying out loud!

4. all in all, i keep pinching myself in disbelief at this past week. i keep feeling like i must have dreamt it all.


may 5 2008 gratitudes

1. today was my first day back at work after the weekend off and it went by really fast. the visuals team was in our store and we re-merchandised all of the new antique jewelry they discovered on their travels in south america and asia. everyone was really kind and open to suggestions.

2. robert duffy thanked me for my card that i sent him.

3. miss susie lopez told me she read my blog! i was so excited. i love this lady, hottest mom in the west village! the little marc girls and i always gush about what a cool mom she is. i hope i'm like that when i have babies...but i have a feeling mine are just going to think i'm a big weirdo.

4. mia from magnolia brought me a cupcake, so sweet. this girl always brightens my day when i see her approach our store.

5. i ran into lorraine kirke at magnolia after work(...yes i'm addicted...). thats another hot mom! i am obsessed with her store, geminola. my love affair began back when i was in savannah reading about her store in lula magazine. i was determined to find it and i literally stumbled across it one day on my walk home for work, by accident. i love happy accidents. and i haven't been able to stay away...

6. i received my two birthday cards from my sweet eddie and one from my best friend kristie. snail mail is the best way to describe how long it takes for mail from georgia to make its way to new york. i love receiving mail from eddie, i can't wait for our children to read how sweet he was to their mother.

7. the little boy gyro, learning how to skateboard at age 2! he was practicing with his daddy and his dad's friend. i was mesmerized. i'm pretty sure i was still eating play dough at that age...and certainly not skillful enough to learn skateboard tricks. kids in new york are like the power breeds of children. so much smarter, so much more fashion forward, so much hipper than kids anywhere else i've seen.

8. my collection of women's world magazines that i unearthed. filled with beautiful advertisements from the early 1900s. i mean, i love being a girl.

9. my favorite graffiti...i dream of love. so true.

10. this lady, luna, came up to me in the gym who i met a long time ago when our store first opened. she told me she had just been thinking about me(how strange and nice at the same time) and wants to collaborate artistically. we both shared how we want to be creative, but in a way that makes a difference. we only want to make money so we can give it all away. i tell you what, i would make one good philanthropist if i ever stumbled upon a large sum of money. oprah watch out!


so glad i was born...may 3 2008 gratitudes

my word, i think my heart is so full with so much joy that it just might be too much for one girl to handle. i am a lucky girl. my sweet family, friends, and fiance are the most special people and i can't believe they are mine. so many birthday gratitudes for one post...

1. my mother/best friend came up to new york for my birthday weekend. we shopped at junk stores in brooklyn, ate really delicious food and cute n fancy restaurants(just how i like it) and walked all over the city.

2. saw the henry darger exhibit at the folk museum with my mom. it was the first time she has seen his work. his pieces were juxtaposed with artists inspired by him and we were blown away.

3. of all the dear presents she gave me, she pulled on my heartstrings and made me cry with the book she made me, "pepperlovesginny...the story of a very good cat". She typed and collaged and scanned photos/illustrations i made as a child of my beloved kitty who lived to be 19, but passed away a month ago. i loved this cat so dearly and she followed me everywhere and never left my side. she has a gift for writing children's stories...and making you cry!

4. the box of photos of eddie and i throughout the last 11 years she collected. inside the two halves of the boxes she decoupaged a love letter from my grandfather to my grandmother. probably one of the most romantic letters i have ever read. talk about swoon!

5. chelsea's mother is in town. last night chelsea and her sweet momma gave me birthday presents-a book of love, a tiny fabric heart, and cups and saucers with my intitials and with mushrooms and hedgehogs. this morning we had breakfast at 7A-year and a day and their mothers...

6. my cupcakes from the cupcake queen, meagan bennett. she spelled out my name and made a mini heart cake with 24 on it. pink and girly and shiny. vanilla with buttercream icing. i love this girl. she makes everyone around her feel special and her laugh might be one of the most contagious laughs ever!

7. haynes sang me a birthday song and came out with me to brooklyn so we could see kristi and maddy. i love those girls and i do not see them nearly enough.

8. my beautiful hanger that was a gift to my mother for her wedding dress that her mother's friend made for her. i'm in love with it.

9. my pete cooney headband bow. for my birthday last year he made the original pete cooney bow out of a marc jacobs black grosgrain ribbon and i wear it almost everyday. this year he made a silky mauve number with ruffles and a sparkly applique with hand beaded tassels. we joke around that it sort of looks like something naughty...i'm in love with it!

10. amy merrick. she outdid herself in every way possible. she managed in the very little time we have actually been friends to have managed to have given me one of the most deeply personal, on-the-money bundle of gifts i have received from someone other than my mother. holy smokes...
*she gave me a set of shiny, gold pencils that say "hi, i'm ginny branch, and i love love". my mother used to give me pencils like this when i was a child for my back-to-school parties. they represent the best parts of my childhood.
*she gave me a framed silhouette of myself. i had literally, 15 minutes earlier, said to my mother how i wanted to use a silhouette of myself with a big ole hairbow as my business card while we were in greenwich letterpress looking at wedding invitations...eerie. its amazing.
*she MADE me a dress by splicing to beautiful vintage dress halves and made one of the most "ginny branch" dresses i have ever seen. i kind of never want to take it off. ever. its perfect. dusty pink lace skirt with a black, horizontal pintucked top with a huge bow at the neckline. and its a sack dress!!!!!

11. the only missing part of this day was my darling man pounding away at papers and books for his law school exams. no matter...for this is the last birthday i will have to be apart from him. he is the gift that keeps on giving and i get to be in his arms in a week.

i am so glad i was born.