through the looking glass...2.26.08 gratitudes

1. the older gentleman who was leisurely reading his newspaper in front of the antique bookshop he works at.

2. chelsea's perfect neck bow peeking out of her fur coat accompanied by a darling hair accessory.

3. pete's assistance at the photo shoot. he kept me organized, helped me lug all of my clothes, calmed me down when i was nervous...

4. had a lovely woman from holland named gigi do my makeup today. first time someone has done my makeup in years!

5. discovered the most amazing cream embyolisse-a french cold cream. you can only buy it online and it is relatively cheap-$25.00.

6. spent time in a charming european restaurant, Bobo on 10th st and 7th ave. The interior was like what I want my home to look like!

7. painted silhouettes on white exposed brick and color coordinated books.

8. played dress up and felt girly.

9. tina tyrell took my photo, a photographer whose work i have admired for a long time.

10. found the book "The Butler's Pantry Book" A Compendium of Household Secrets from the Victorian Age. Such a treat, with lovely pen and ink drawings.

11. i have received emails from three of my favorite female artists. i can't even believe it. i absolutely adore these artists and its almost surreal to be corresponding with them.

12. the girls today told me i looked like alice in wonderland. i was really excited. i love alice.



1. had a proper breakfast at liquiteria this morning. oatmeal with bananas and walnuts, grapefruit juice, and coffee.

2. arrived just in time to see amy being escorted to work by two handsome fellas.

3. chelsea's pink polka dot tights.

4. worked with my favorite boys who kept me laughing all day. between andrew's dance moves, bret's superb "customer service", and chris's observational sarcasm/impressions i'm kept in stitches all day.

5. yulia came in with her friends and i did my impression of the dialogue between her and bret.

6. wore the gold sequins and had the store reflecting light. it felt like being in a pool. or aquarium. i mean, i really love sequins. i need to figure out a way to wear them every day.

7. liv tyler's son licked the windows of the store.

8. chelsea brought me tortillas. always the thoughtful darling, such a good mom.

9. pete was able to transfer a striking blue coat for spring. its gonna be a good look on him.

10. tremaine got me a mauve cupcake from magnolia while he was working. he just ran over while i was in the women's store.

11. hadarrah keeps being all girly and giggly about my engagement. its fun to get excited about it!!!!

12. talked to my fiance on the phone. he will be here in less than two weeks and i am counting down the days. i love him so much. i really don't know how i got to be so lucky.

13. scott cooper got a haircut and a clean shave. i adore that handsome boy. i miss working with him.

14. keep listening to the new hot chip album. so freaking good.

15. i keep reminding myself how lucky i am. i have hit the jack pot when it comes to good people in my life. i really think i am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. fiance, friends, family, pets...i scored big time.


people(and pets) who i am grateful for every day of my life.

*Not Pictured-Haylie Waring, Madeleine Alder-Cossit, Lauren Weinerth, Bethany Scott, Katie Miller, Kristi Schiffman, Annika Kaplan, Jessica Singleton, David Knighton, Hunter Riley, Halligan Norris, Savannah Wyatt, Mackenzie Sutherland, Nikki Gasser, Lorraine Montgomery, Mollie Little, Lily Farag, Brittani Seach, Victoria Mier, Katie Trombley, Janet Smith, Abigail Doxsey, Mary Ping, Sachiko Honda, John Bauernfeind, Pamela Wiley, and Cayewah Easley.


girls i'm grateful for...

these are ladies i find most enchanting...

1. (alyson fox)

2. (kime buzzelli)

3. (simone shubuck)

4. (julie verhoeven)

5. (sarah sophie flicker and karen elson's vaudeville troupe)


i'm such a girl...gratitudes 2.23.08

1. my mauve hair. not exactly the silver color i normally get but in certain lights it looks either grey-ish rose or grey-ish lavender. i look like frenchie in grease when she dyes her hair pink by accident. the color will wash out to silver after one shower, it's just the toner.

2. i hung my tutu costume and KVB letters from sweet cynthia.

3. chelsea brought me apple cider doughnuts and washed my milk bottles.

4. amy's sweet book she made for a sweet boy.

5. pete got his saucy patrick mcmullen photos in the mail. what a glamorous gus!!!!

6. eddie's college friends came up to visit him and celebrate our engagement. travis, shadeed, and brock are my favorites.

7. found some darling 1930s "lingerie" on ebay. tap pants and pink silk stockings and rompers. all things which i will wear on the outside and no doubt make un-sexy. hopefully i will score them when i get paid next!

8. andrew, bret, and chris made me laugh a lot.

9. walked home with pete and got coffee and a pretzel croissant from birdbath bakery.

10. grapefruit juice from liquiteria. its so pink and pretty and tasty.


thank goodness for city farmers markets...gratitudes

1. the cutest old man i've ever seen peeling carrots. great suit. great color story.

2. the cutes young man i've ever seen. and he's all mine!

3. sharing apple cider doughnuts with the boy i love.

4. dried clover heart wreaths and flowers tied up in brown kraft paper and string! these are a few of my favorite things.

5. beesewax candle sculptures.

6. rows of honey in all different sizes.

7. jelly jars that looked like fingerpaint. my favorite!

8. colorful cactii.

9. pinwheels.

10. fresh milk in glass bottles from "milk thistle farms". the sweetest milk bottles i've seen in a long time!


snowballs and cookies...2.22.08 gratitudes

1. woke up to a winter wonderland.

2. the snow was powdery, thick, and made a nice crunch under my toes. everyone at work threw snowballs and i ate snow.

3. lisa sent me a cookie engagement package at work! wedding dresses, groom tux, bouquet, hearts, wedding cakes, and wedding bells, oh my! what a sweet big sister.

4. the darling vintage children's dance costume that is pink tulle with metallic sequins courtesy of amy merrick!

5. the black velvet bow headband from amy merrick(my alice and wonderland headband)!!!!!

6. my friday night lights sweatshirt from frances!! my favorite new sweatshirt.

7. cynthia squares in the mail which led to a nice phone call.

8. walked home with pete.

9. had a nice chat with chelsea.

10. got my nails and toes painted with amy, frances, and kate.


i said yes

the man of my dreams, my sweetheart since 1998 asked me to marry him on valentine's day 2008. he is the kindest, smartest, most handsome man i know. and he's mine for keeps! i'm one happy girl.


so glad he was born...02.03.08 gratitudes

1. haynes riley and hunter riley were born today. two of the best people i have ever met in my whole life.

2. haynes riley's birthday party/superbowl party at cam, kara, and eric's house. like a mini s.c.a.d reunion(plus amy merrick)!

3. so many dear friends in one place!!!!! felt like my heart was going to explode-chelsea, pete, mollie, amy, madeleine, haylie, savannah, vic, lily, brittani, and the man of the hour-haynes. and some old faces that i was glad to see-meagan, lucas, francis, ben, hannah, maura, matt, the list goes on and on.

4. happy to know that haynes riley is still the most beloved boy to have ever attended s.c.a.d. his fan club on facebook alone says it all. he had me at "hi, i'm haynes riley, i'm from arkansas". the only boy i have ever shamelessly thrown myself at( to an embarrassing degree); my only true, straight best guy friend, a boy i can't seem to go too long without living within a few blocks radius, and a boy whom i like to mail letters to even though it would be quicker to drop it off at his apartment. i love to hear him speak and he is one of my favorite artists. i don't know a soul like him.

5. my favorite client, danielle came in and introduce me to her boyfriend. such a sweet couple. i love meeting good, kind couples. i love love. she told me i had kind eyes. probably one of the nicest things a person could say to me.

6. this sweet, old cabaret dancer/painter Illona came in the store and told me i look like a water lily and gave me a black purse of hers. this woman is a legend in the west village: 70-80 years old, bright red hair, the longest red fake eyelashes you'll ever see(created from using her own hair!), bright blue eyeliner, and today-a fantastic raspberry crushed velvet ensemble). she used to be a painter and was commissioned to paint portraits of the kennedy's children back in the day.

7. chelsea called me on the phone to tell me she thought i looked nice today. she is so good to me.

8. finally gave haylie her christmas gift and she seemed like she liked it!

9. bret and andrew cracked me up all day at work.

10. maddy and vic stopped by the store and hung out for the last hour. made time fly! two girls i don't get to see nearly enough!

11. had breakfast with pete and had a delightful coffee and dessert rendez-vous with pete and amy at 7A. laughed a lot.

12. talked to the love of my life on the phone. he is my only home.


long overdue...

1. coming home to atlanta for my mother's 60th birthday.

2. my sister is feeling better. i had sweet people like ed, corrie, and the riley twins thinking good thoughts for her. we have the same hands.

3. seeing my sweet boyfriend for a little less than 48 hours.

4. vanilla soft serve ice cream with sea salt and olive oil from star provisions.

5. my mother's reaction when she found me waiting for her with a magnolia cupcake on a plate.

6. ed's brother let me have one of his old westminster baseball caps.

7. visiting westminster with ed. best years of my life.

8. my little sweet sewing basket with painted mushrooms that eddie bought for me.

9. my old trunk and plaid picnic thermoses and basket that i scored while antique-ing with my mother.


and most up-to-date gratitudes...
1. my dear friends at the little marc store who comforted me when i was blue.

2. my kind manager whose kindness made me cry even harder. i am so lucky to work for such a good man.

3. had dinner with liz, chelsea, and haylie at la focaccia. the sweet lady who works there remembered me.

4. haylie bird is in town and it was a perfect excuse to round up some of my favorite girls last night and go to relish(savannah, chelsea, and amy).

5. seeing liz made me miss one of the best things about savannah. god i love @ home. what i would give to be able to just smell the store right now.

6. max took me to the alexander wang afterparty and alexander remembered me!

7. spoke to some darling ladies from lucky magazine. one of the photographers, abby, i had met before at the au revoir simone concert last week! small fashion world.

8. danced with erin wasson, one of my favorite models. beautiful, fun, and quirky. whats more to love?

9. i told max that he reminds me of one of my favorite fashion design professors, john bauernfeind. even pete laughed that only i would manage to find his younger version in nyc.

10. loved coming home to my bed to tell ed about my fun night, knowing one day i will get to come home to him every night.