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Photos by Elizabeth Messina/ Florals by Amy Osaba/Backdrop by Blue Eyed Yonder

Here is a teeny sneak peek from Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop botanical shoot. Working with Elizabeth is a true collaboration of minds. She doesn't just show up with a camera and shoots what's presented to her. Instead she pours her heart and creativity into every step of the process, ensuring every detail is thoughtful and consistent. This botanical theme married with her Kissing Tree concept into one romantic and ethereal shoot at The Avenue of the Oaks in Sea Island, GA. 

I am still in awe of this wall that Krista built, from a combination of botanical prints collaged with worn paper, and charming little hand drawn bits of flora and fauna. We thought it would be a fun inspiration for a photo booth backdrop or even would be gorgeous accent wall in a powder room! You can see some of her behind-the-scenes process on her Instagram she shared back in March.

Stay tuned for more from this dreamy day and here is a moodboard that was inspired the shoot. 



Photo: Rylee Hitchner Flowers: Amy Osaba

Have you seen Lonny Magazine's new series called Wedding Idea of the Day? I will be contributing all month long sharing ideas and featuring the work of my gal pal/studiomate/partner-in-photoshoot crime/mentor Amy Osaba. She is the godmother of all things floral in the South and hilarious to boot. Check back in the series for more tips and suggestions (all of which I learned from her through osmosis). Also be sure to check out the other tips from the fantastic contributors Stone Fox Bride (one of my obsessions), Once Wed(Atlanta-based, gorgeously curated wedding blog), Local Milk(flawless food photographer/blogger/pinner), and Paper & Type(thoughtful correspondence + graphic design)




Yesterday I woke up to find one of our shoots from Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, GA had been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings The Bride's Guide. This genuinely was such a fun surprise and I couldn't be more proud of what the team created together. What I love most about being a stylist is the collaboration on photo shoots + events. Behind every image is a team that contributes their own unique voice and talent to make the photo come alive. I can't even express how much I respect each and every woman on our crew and what they bring to the table. As a collective we all speak the same language and are definitely from the same tribe. I'm so grateful Elizabeth brought us all on to be her creative team for this workshop and it is amazing looking at the images through her beautiful lens. The first image is from my new tumblr site, the middle is the moodboard that inspired the shoot, and the last image is a collection of proof prints I received in the mail from Elizabeth which contain a sneak peek of a bonus shoot from the week. 

Prop and Fashion Styling: Ginny Branch
Floral Designs: Amy Osaba
Vintage Rentals and Set Design: Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder
Printed Collateral: Wiley Valentine
Hair and Makeup: Erin Skipley & Claudia Mejerle

Calligraphy: Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

Custom Spoons: Monkeys Always Look
Champagne: Cupcake Vineyards
Ivy & Aster dress and bolero, Claire Pettibone floral clip; Jessica Fontaine dress,Chelsea Rose Bridal bolero, Construct Jewelry necklace; Billy Reid suit, shirt, and bowtie; Sarah Seven dress; Myra Callan dress, Claire Pettibone headpiece; Claire Pettibone gown, robe, and cap; Carol Hannah Whitfield dress, Twigs & Honeyhairpiece.

Big love to the team members/assistants/cheerleaders/heroes: Shanna Skidmore, Meredith Mejerle, Katy Dennison



I am so pleased to share the first installment from Elizabeth Messina's A Lovely Workshop in Sea Island, GA where I had the pleasure of being the stylist on an awesome creative crew from Atlanta. I could not be any luckier to have the opportunity to create with a talented powerhouse group of women Amy Osaba, Krista Janos, Claudia Mejerle, Meredith Mejerle, and Shanna Skidmore. Also, a thank you to Katy Dennison for joining us and working her tail off! Utterly Engaged shared one of our days spent at Christ Church's graveyard where we had the opportunity to showcase Claire Pettibone's beautiful spring 2013 gowns... heavenly. I could not be more in love with that flower wall that Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder built using vintage wallpapers, ripped and layered, to mimic a peeling old wall. That layered with Amy Osaba blooms is just perfection. Also, I am just smitten with the romantic and effortless hair and makeup that Erin Skipley and Claudia Mejerle created for the day. Just how every bride should want to look! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your beautiful photos with us! Also, be sure to check out Utterly Engaged's journal to see the incredible photos taken by the talented attendees!



Here is the moodboard that inspired the shoot! 


humble beginnings... 



the homefront is slowly beginning to take shape. i've been puttering around the house taking stock of what we have and what clever storage systems need to be put in place. this past weekend my mother and i made our monthly pilgrimage to scott's to sniff out various catch-alls, crates, bins, rusty hat hooks, and the like. i've been non-stop organizing, which is NOT in my nature. do not be fooled. we have a shed and an attic which certainly helps to tuck away my collection of collections. but i've been doing all sorts of very grown-up things, like laundry. WE HAVE OUR FIRST washer & dryer, something i have longed for these past few years. it's amazing the ownership i feel with every pile of clothing i am able to fold in the privacy of my own home. 

since january-february is typically a quiet time for my business i will be forced to share glimpses of my on-going project of making this house a home. here are a few corners of our old, creaky imperfect house. 


  a torn oil painting sitting atop a chair from my grandmother. this chair is missing an arm. and that is a child mannequin.


 here is a jam cupboard i swiped for a song at scott's. she's from 1860 which of course makes me love it even more. it took no time at all for me to fill it to the brim. 


a tea set from my other grandmother. i adore the way the creamer and sugar stack up on eachother. such clever design for an oldie. 


gratuitous photo of our sleeping beagles. i found a pair of handsewn pillows made of worn ticking fabric with crude stitches. needless to say it took harry & maddy no time at all to test it out. 


***oh, and did i mention that i'm going to alt? i am still kind of in disbelief that i'm actually flying out west(for the first) let alone going to a blogger conference out there! i hope i get to meet a lot of y'all this week!